Crawfish Near Me

Come On Down to Live Crawfish and Seafood If You Have Been Searching For Crawfish Near Me

Have you ever been to a crawfish boil? Maybe you want to find some delicious crabs “near me”? It typically takes place in a backyard in the country and is used as an excuse to gather neighbors and family. Fresh live crawfish are tossed into heavily seasoned water with a variety of other ingredients depending on the yard you are in. These other ingredients may include corn on the cob, shrimp, potatoes, okra, sausage, a mix of spices, lemons, and more depending on where it is prepared. Once the boil is done it is typically drained and spread out on a large table over a clean cloth or newspaper. Some use plates and some families just dig in together. However it's done, it ain't wrong, and if you are ever lucky enough to get invited to one you would be a fool to turn it down.

We do our best to provide authentic crawfish boil menu options using live fresh crawfish and our own family spice blend. Get a taste for the deep south if you are looking for crawfish near me right here at Live Crawfish & Seafood. If you have a member of your family who just is not into the whole crawfish boil experience (their loss) they can still enjoy one of our many other menu options including fried baskets, seafood Po'boy sandwiches, fresh lobster, shrimp, and crab meals and more including appetizers. 

Looking for some crabs near me? Bring the family and come experience a crawfish boil with us if you have been hunting for crawfish near me, or crabs near me!