Seafood Near Me

Come to Live Crawfish & Seafood to Enjoy One of the Best Seafood Restaurants in the Area.

Looking for some delicious crab boil “near me”? Do not fret if you are on the hunt for quality seafood near me, just drop on by Live Crawfish & Seafood and browse our menu for your favorite seafood options. We are touted as one of the top options from premium seafood in the area and you only have to have a taste of our menu to find out why. We offer it all including a variety of appetizers, meals for any appetite, and a friendly atmosphere to enjoy an evening with the family.

We have a variety of seafood options ranging from Po'boy sandwiches with shrimp, clam, catfish, crawfish, seasonal snow crab, to perfectly cooked lobster, a variety of crab, shrimp, Cajun crawfish boils, and so much more; if you are looking for great crab boil “near me”, you are definitely in the right place. Our recipes are passed down through the family and tried and true. Our customers claim that they are taken back to their roots or memories of their vacation in the south when they taste our spice blend. Do not take our word for it though, come in and try one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. Once you drop by once, you may just make us a habit and that's just fine. We look forward to seeing you come in for your favorites time and time again. Our regulars know that we treat them like family and they get to enjoy our seasonal picks as they are available each time we get a new batch of items such as snow crabs and king crab and other season-dependent menu items. Come on in for dinner, we look forward to serving your family the best seafood in the area.